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The Search for the Soul's Purpose

My name is Tracy, and for the last 5 years my life has been ruled by Angel Numbers. When I look back on all that I have experienced, in an attempt to document the road I have traveled, it’s not easy because it was not a direct path. We all have the free will to ignore signs we see, or not follow our calling, or often we are just too busy or tired to notice those signs. But what is meant for you will ALWAYS come back to you, or in some cases get louder.

Along my path I have experimented with many tools for personal growth including The Law of Attraction, meditation, spiritual journeys and vision quests, channeling and the quantum universe. I also have a background in Psychology which has been a personal interest as well as an academic pursuit. I’ve spent 13+ years working in the service industry, most recently managing a team of 12 employees while responsible for a $15 million sales floor. That came to an end when the pandemic hit in March of 2020. In losing my career I lost my entire identity…And it’s been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

If there is anything I could bring to the table for us as a human collective, I’d like it to be healing. I want to bring peace, understanding, empowerment, unity, and a place to feel safe. My goal is that through sharing my experiences I can help others step out of a fear based life and start to flow with the world around you. Look closer and see that a major life change isn’t always a bad thing, and despite how desperate we can feel at times, the sun will ALWAYS rise tomorrow. Even for those who haven’t changed their routines in the last year, there is still a sense of purpose within all of us. Which brings me to community. I’m holding space for mine until everyone gets here – which is why my favorite thing to say is, “Meet you there!” Not everyone is ready to awaken to their purpose, and the people who are ready and not always the ones in our circle. So for those who are ready I’m sending a smoke signal – I hope our paths take us on the same journey and that I will meet you there!

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Manifesting with the Full Moon

I have always loved the full moon and have been enchanted by the moon light. I used to live on a street with no street lights, so when it...

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