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2012 Timeline Shift, 2016 Reality Crumble, and Haunted by 666

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

What were you doing in 2012? Did you have a major life change or shift that year? I know I did. And it’s been theorized that is when the world started its split between 3D and 5D. It’s said that the end of the Mayan calendar actually represented the end of the world as we knew it.

I survived an illegal eviction attempt by my landlord in 2012, only to come out on top and was able to move to much better apartment. This was an epic move because the negativity at that building was SO thick, I felt like I was being suffocated. The new place was perfect in every way – AND I loved my landlord. I made a lot of conscious decisions that it was time to better myself and my life. I got hired at an amazing company where I would work and be supported in so many ways until the pandemic of 2020. I was learning about the Law of Attraction and manifesting beautiful things in my life, including consistent promotions at work. This is where I decided to change the course of my life.

Fast forward to 2016, where it is said that everyone who was choosing the ascension path in their life experienced a crumbling of their world as they knew it. We had just lost all 3 aunts in my family, which was bringing about many changes in itself. My apartment building was sold to a group of people only interested in making a profit. They immediately started trying to bully me into illegal rent increases. After a few incidents of the City of LA telling them what they were doing was illegal, they backed off a bit before trying to get me out again. They had already succeeded at displacing my 83 year old neighbor. This is when I started seeing 666. I was in a personal 8 year that was going to require big efforts to be rewarded with big results, and I knew in my heart that my other neighbors would be targeted next. It felt like I needed to fight not just for me, but for all of us.

I started seeing 666 after the 1st anniversary of my Aunt Barbara passing away. I would see it in my change everywhere I went, no matter what I bought. I also started seeing 11:11. After about a month of this, I confided in my social media where a friend suggested I look up “angel numbers”. This is where my life changed forever. I learned that these messages were coming directly from my angels, or the universe if you will, as a means of supporting and guiding me. You see, 666 represents a time of instant manifestation, and it’s reminding you that whether you think a situation is good or bad – you are right. So mind your thoughts, if they are positive you will manifest good things. If you are thinking negative, you could instantly manifest something you don’t want.

I would spent the next 15 months fighting my landlords tooth and nail. I experienced a lot of signing documents at 1:11 or 11:11, as well as going to court on 1-11-2018! I thought for sure I was going to win! In the end I did not, as we ended up with a judge who was also a landlord strictly for profit in the areas being subjected to severe gentrification, even if that meant displacing decent residents. But what I couldn’t see was what the future held. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but with only 2 weeks to move I was forced to move back home with my parents for the following year. The good news is I was able to pay off most of my debt by doing this. I was given 2 amazing promotions at work in 2018, and was able to take 2 life changing vacations that activated my soul even further.

At the end of 2018, I was blessed with finding an amazing apartment only 2 miles from where I worked, after commuting about 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week previously. Not only was the apartment beautiful, the management company treated me like family, something I never expected to experience. My neighbors are great, it is quiet, there’s lot of greenery, and my cats love it! The address technically equals 555, which loosely translates to “Life Good” in numerology. This is not coincidence as I have a “Life Is Good” tattoo in honor of my dear Aunt Barbara. The best part is, it’s the only apartment in Los Angeles I have ever lived in that does NOT have roaches! Life is truly good here.

I have so many more things to share about 666, about how it is not what we have been historically taught to think. 666 is not satanic, it’s actually a beautiful number associated with manifestation, Divine protection, and the ability to use your intuition. I am thankful I stumbled onto angel numbers, and that I have them guiding me. Knowing what I did about these number sequences surely helped me stay positive when everything looked hopeless. I’ve also learned it is ok to not always know what’s next, but there is nothing wrong with being prepared with back up plans. There is just something so beautiful about freeing the soul when we trust we are being guided on the best path for us.

Where were you in 2012? Did you experience a timeline shift? What about 2016? Did you experience a crumbling of your reality?

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