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April 4th – 4/4 Portal

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

April 4th has become an extremely special day for me that represents unconditional love and understanding that we are one. I’m already getting emotional as I write this, just realizing how far I have come since this day one year ago. I want to take you back to the before times, in 2019. I had taken the plunge and signed back up for college after a 12 year break, this time with a major in Psychology. By this time I was the manager of the 2 biggest departments within my retail store, working 50+ hours a week. Just managing one department is hard enough when you’re in the 4th sales quarter, aka the Holidays. I did this while taking online classes full time. My goal to keep my sanity has been to take a trip to a new place once a year, and after the holidays I was going to be taking my vacation in Mt. Shasta, CA. It was all set for the 1st week of April 2020.

2 weeks before my trip, the U.S. shut down in a mandatory stay at home order to slow covid-19. I already had my time off approved at work, so this meant I would have 3 weeks off, my 3rd week being my planned and paid for trip to Mt. Shasta. What was happening outside was scary, yes, but as a retail worker who prefers not to get sick, I implement many of my own “social distancing” measures already to keep myself healthy. I have literally had customers cough in my face while talking to me, and my co-workers were constantly sick. I don’t touch my face without washing my hands and I keep hand sanitizer everywhere. The only thing new to me was wearing a face mask. As a retail worker I tend to avoid crowds and the public in general in my off time. When my best friend & I travel together, we always take the unbeaten path and look for ways to experience solitude in nature.

We had to make a decision – cancel our only planned trip for the year before going back to the rat race after the 2 week lockdown, or go and avoid all contact with humans. We decided to go, and be extremely careful. After all, I figured if we were not meant to go, something would stop us. Looking back I see that were meant to take this trip, and we were protected the entire way. Our Air B&B host was generous enough to book us in half of his home that was completely separated from him. Our tour guide was comfortable letting us keep our reservation as he had implemented social distancing practices. We took our own food and hit the road. My friend grew up in the area so we did a lot of exploring and scenic driving on our own, hitting the spots not known to most people.

The 1st day we were in Mt. Shasta the skies were clear and we witnessed the sunset bathing the glorious mountain in a pink glow. We had a beautiful view of her not just from the property, but from our room as well. Once it was dark, I remember sensing the presence of the mountain. Standing in front of the window, I could not see much outside, but yet I had the strongest knowing that the gigantic mountain was JUST outside, unseen but always felt. Almost like the idea of a phantom limb – I could not see the physical mountain, and for all I knew it was not there – but something in me just accepted it’s existence and Divine Feminine energy grounded so close. Not long after this I was overwhelmed with the most intense feelings of love and gratitude. I didn’t know where it was coming from because I was not in control of these emotions, but I was in awe of them. Like being downwind from someone blowing rainbow bubbles that gently float around you – I just felt the energy flowing and surrounding me. The only comprehensible thoughts that surfaced were of my then fiancé, and the connection made was to the immense love I have for him. This was my 1st unexpected connection with Mt. Shasta.

The next day, 4/4/2020, brought in the 444 portal of energy. I know now that we were meant to be on the mountain, on this day, with this guide. This would also end up being the global meditation day to bring unity during the pandemic. At this point the stay at home order had been extended, and I did not know when I would actually be going back to work. The rest of the world was surely in a chaotic state while we were in what seemed another dimension. The snow had moved in overnight and we woke up to at least 6 inches. This made for a beautifully enchanting backdrop to our experience.

We spent the late hours of the morning and early afternoon on Mt. Shasta, where we visited 2 different energy vortexes. Both of these experiences were so special, that trying to describe them would only limit them. But the best part for me was just feeling the energy of the vortexes and sitting with it. I had been around a lot of negative energy in my life, but being in a vortex of beautiful, high dimensional energy was unlike anything I ever imagined I could experience. Spending time meditating within that energy would leave me with the ability to feel my way through the energy of any situation going forward. I connected with my heart within that pure energy and I can always return to that space for strength and guidance.

Many things came to the surface in our time on the mountain, including my connection with the Pleiadians. This was the 1st time I learned of our star families, but this would not be the last. I would later learn the the night before, 4/3, the Pleiades was visible in the sky next to Venus, which is connected to Mt. Shasta. To me this symbolized my Pleiadian energy and the Venusian energy of the massive volcano known as the root chakra of the world. Once we got back to our room and warmed up, we got ready for the global meditation. We set up our crystals and candles as normal, and also lit a fire in our room’s fireplace. We meditated with the intention of sending love and healing to the world for about an hour. When we were finished we realized our candles were glowing purple, and our fire too! This would be my 1st experience with the violet flame.

Looking back to this experience one year ago, I am grateful for the spiritual awakening I had in Mt. Shasta. I was guided towards finding my soul’s truth and purpose. I had been slowly waking up for about 4 years before this, but now that I was not working full time, I had time to fully expand my consciousness. I would go on learn so much more about myself, about humanity, and receive countless confirmations that this is all real. I wouldn’t have believed much of the stuff I do now a year ago – it’s just something everyone has to experience for themselves. On this 4/4 day of love and healing, I honor my journey and all those who made it possible for me. I hope that anyone reading this can look at their journey and honor the path they have taken, no matter how short it may have been or how many detours there were.

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