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Do Not Hold Back. Messages from the Universe.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I have been mentally piecing together this blog for the last 8 months, and my plan was always to share stories that people who are feeling lost in this world can relate to. Because I was there at one time. In this sense I want to help as many people as I can. The easy conversations are always going to be about how we are all surrounded by angels, that we all have a higher purpose, and that we are so powerful we can create the life we want simply with our intention and the Laws of Physics (no science knowledge required haha).

The hard conversations are about how our power has been hidden or stolen from us, and how our ancestors were jailed or executed for seeing past this illusion. The hard part is understanding that to sensor ourselves and not allow our truth to be heard, we are continuing to disempower ourselves and our bloodlines, as well as any past incarnations of ourselves. By not speaking our truth, no matter how unpopular, is to continue manifesting a world that takes our power away.

There will be some hard conversations in what I need to share, but I will always share my own experiences and what exactly changed my perception which was once like everyone else’s. I hope to be neutral in my blogs by holding space for you to decide for yourself. It’s my hope that if I say something you don’t agree with, you can find something else I share that does resonate with you. The greatest teachers I have encountered are always insisting that people don’t just believe blindly in what is presented to them – do your own research, be open to the possibility and hopefully you will see for yourself. In being true to my life experiences, I’ll be shining a light for the community that needs me, to align with me. And that is truly my biggest goal of all.

In the last 6 hours the universe has sent me 4 messages telling me “DO NOT HOLD BACK.” This has been in the form of 2 back to back messages on FB, a video that was shared with me, and my own college English professor! I’m being told to create the world I want to see in existence…So here we go. I hope you guys will join me.

Until next time…Meet you there!

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