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Manifesting with the Full Moon

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I have always loved the full moon and have been enchanted by the moon light. I used to live on a street with no street lights, so when it was bathed in Full Moon light, it almost felt reminiscent of being in an old black & white movie. I remember spending my birthday at the beach when I was a pre-teen. That summer night there was a Full Moon – the heat from the day left the water warm well after 8pm making it feel like the most magical experience. Once I was old enough to drive, I would often find an elevated location to view the moon unobstructed, or I’d head to the beach in hopes of recreating the past magic I knew existed. I thought I was just weird honestly, I never thought anyone else felt the same way as I did or that there was any true connection to the Full Moon and the energetic cleansing I was feeling on a soul level. But now I can say that I was wrong…

Going back to October of 2019, I was just starting to use those reiki infused pillar candles you can get almost anywhere. My intention was to use them to balance my own energy with the little free time I had back then. I definitely had an easy time holding the candles and visualizing what I needed their help with. Well one day I was saging my apartment and decide to light a “Love” reiki candle to help create the energy I wanted at the time. While setting my intention, I had the thought that I am happy when my neighbors are also happy, so rather than sending “love” energy to just my apartment, I pictured it encircling my entire building. I didn’t give it another thought, and later left home to spend time with friends.

Later that night when I came home, I was struggling to find my keys at the door. I had neighbors above me who constantly fought and yelled, but this night was different. As I stood there I could hear them having the most beautiful, loving conversation! They were so happy! No fighting or anything. It wasn’t until later that I realized there was a Full Moon, and that I had burned the Love candle earlier. It sounds like a small thing as I am recalling this, but the difference was massive. It was almost impossible to NOT hear these people arguing, and all of a sudden there’s zero negativity between the 2. It didn’t last more than a day or 2, but this was the 1st time I realized the power of intention and how much faster our intentions manifest when there is a Full Moon.

Of course there are ways to manifest with every phase of the moon, but I wanted this blog to be dedicated to the Full Moon in all of it’s glory – because there is nothing else like her.

So it’s been about a year and a half since I came to this manifestation realization, & I have 2 favorite things to do on a Full Moon. The first is taking a ritual bath. My usual go to is this: lavender, sage, bay leaf, and Epsom salt. It’s great for cleansing your energy and releasing whatever isn’t working for you or serving your highest purpose. I pick a 4inch candle in whatever color matches my intention, and set my favorite crystal(s) on the edge of the tub.

I also love making moon water! All you need is a mason jar with a lid. You can drink your moon water after you’ve added your intention to it, so I suggest using purified or filtered water (preferably fluoride free!). You can put crystals inside the jar, such as a rose quartz for self-love, but to me it feels over complicated worrying about what can get wet and is safe for consumption. So I keep it simple and IF I want crystal infusion, I set a crystal on the lid while it’s charging outside, or I set crystals around the base of the jar. Just put your jar outside after sunset on the Full Moon and bring it back inside before the sun comes up. Now you can use it in any way you use regular water: add it to bath water, use it in cooking, drink it while visualizing it working towards your intention, really the possibilities are endless.

Until next time…Meet you there!

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