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When You Lose an Item and Manifest It Back with the Quantum Universe

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


I’ve definitely had some strange experiences around losing an item, mostly in 2020. I am not a person who typically loses things, but my husband has been forever challenged in this area. A brief history would include him losing his ID, his wallet, paperwork and money various times in the 15 years I have known him. When he lost his driver’s license while working out of state this past year, I just held my tongue and told him I was sure that would be the last time he lost something due to the sheer frustration it caused.

Fast forward to last night, Feb 16 2021. After being home for a few hours, he realized he lost his wallet when he parked and got out of his car. Unfortunately we live next to a shopping center so there is a lot of foot traffic where he parked. He looked for about an hour with no luck. At this point, I can only wonder and have to ask, what would YOU do? Do you frequently lose items yourself, and what do you do when you are so sure you had something that is not there? Let’s explore…

I recently received the advice that you can simply ask the missing item to reveal itself to you, and I have been dying to try it! So I suggested this to my husband. He said it out loud twice and continued to look. As I mentioned I really don’t misplace items often, so when I asked my higher self for a solution, I thought of the Protection Bubble. This is my go to when I need to protect myself, anyone or anything – and it has worked 100% of the time for me. You simply envision the person or item protected by a bubble of white light and say or think your intention. In this instance, I pictured the wallet laying on the ground near the car. I envisioned it in a bubble of white light, and asked our angels and guides to protect it and guide it back to our hands. Then we went to sleep shortly after that.

This morning I could tell my husband was worried about it, so I just tried to show him some love and raise his frequency through my supportive energy. He confided in me that although he claims to never remember his dreams or if he dreams at all, he had spent the entire night dreaming. Not just dreaming, but dreaming of his wallet. He dreamed of every scenario, and upon questioning realizes he was able to control his dreams to an extent. In the end of the dreaming, the wallet revealed itself to him as having been found by someone, rather than being misplaced or hidden. This brain storming helped, and he decided to go check his car again for the wallet now that it was daylight. While outside, he decided to check the closest store to see if someone turned it in. Can you believe someone actually turned it in – and it still had his cash in it too! Literally everything was still there. He came home so excited to tell me how blessed he felt by the positive energy he had just experienced. This rush of energy stayed with him for the following 24 hours (as I make final edits to this blog, he is still high vibing haha).

This brings me to 2 points. The 1st being, will we ever know if our positive intentions helped the situation? No we won’t. But I can say those intentions didn’t NOT work either. That’s enough for me to keep trying them in these situations. My 2nd point is wondering if as we attempt to change our undesirable habits, do we experience something such as this just to remember how far we have truly come? Was the wallet protected the entire time, just to give my husband the opportunity to react differently than in the past, rather than getting angry or frustrated, calmly looking for a solution and holding the highest vibration, to align with the highest outcome possible? Was it a repeated lesson from a lower vibrational cycle, that when met with a high vibration reaction, manifested into another time line where the wallet is returned? If the reaction had been getting upset, would he have sealed the fate of losing his wallet for good instead?

The last thing that needs to be mentioned here is the obvious manipulation of the quantum field. I will be sharing other blogs going more in depth on this subject, but for this one, I will just share my evidence in this situation. I believe one of my and my husband’s soul contracts is to convene in the astral realms at night, especially now, to plan how to move forward before our human selves are fully awake. I have a lot of nights where I can feel my soul is active, but him, not so much. So for him to describe his dream state the night before is significant. He describes being almost half in his body and half out, knowing he was in our bedroom but also out searching, or time line hopping, looking in a different direction when he lost a lead, trying to bring his wallet back into his current reality. And he did exactly that.

After he got all of the excitement out of his system about what happened yesterday, I told him to let me know if his stomach started hurting. I reminded him that my recent experience of jumping timelines left me and my mother extremely sick in our stomach aka Solar Plexus Chakra. He looked at me as if he had seem a ghost, still in disbelief I could predict a symptom, as he was on his way to the restroom with an upset stomach, which persisted most of the day.

Until next time….Meet you there!

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