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Moldavite - Multi Dimensional Heart Healing for the Not So Faint of Heart

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Moldavite… am I right? If you have utilized this powerful tektite for your healing process then you know exactly what I am talking about. I didn’t have moldavite on my list of blog topics but it recently stole the show in my ascension process. I am extremely grateful for the work of Joseph Adams ( and on this subject. I was drawn to a 2 class series he offered which gave me results that I would like to share with anyone interested in this process. His classes are still available so I highly suggest learning about this spiritual tool from an expert rather than jumping in blindly.

Moldavite is a 15 million year old tektite sourced from a meteorite hitting the modern day Czech Republic. It is said to be so high vibrational and healing that it is similar to working with an actual healer. This fact alone should give a warning that it is not for beginners nor to be used hastily. My post-experience opinion would be that you should have an intended use for moldavite before working with it, otherwise be ready to surrender to it 100%. If you don’t know what needs to healed within yourself or think you don’t need rapid transformational healing, I suggest holding off on working with this tool until you do. If you are truly unsure, check in with your higher self for the right time to begin. You can expect it to break down your reality and ego while purging anything that has been buried in your energetic field, making it hard to come back and ground into your physical body.

If you own a piece of moldavite you may have felt it working right away the 1st time you held it. This can be an indication there is something that needs to surface for healing and release, and believe me this is only the beginning of its work. I was gifted a small piece by a soul sister and I immediately felt it working in my 3rd eye. As a 4 lifepath and heart healer, I was drawn to its promise of powerful transformation within the 4th and 6th chakras. If you choose to work with this mysterious green tektite it will show you everything that has been hidden or confusing to you, make NO mistake about this. It’s also extremely important to understand that as you connect with and activate your piece (or any crystal/tektite for that matter), that you work with it as a partner in learning and healing rather than being the all controlling owner of it. Healing in this way requires a relationship with the moldavite as a sentient being.

Now let’s dig into my recent experience after the 2nd class in the above mentioned series that included a 12ish minute activation with a beautiful moldavite grid, where we also activated our own moldavite pieces at home with the energy of the class. Within about 3 hours of the class ending I had an experience that triggered healing of one of the biggest traumas being stored in my physical body. My husband had some sewing supplies that had fallen onto the carpet of our living room. I looked down and saw a sewing needle not far from where I had been walking barefoot and instantly was drawn back to the age of about 8 years old when I stepped on a sewing needle at my grandma’s house. Now mind you I stepped on the needle as a kid with the right foot which would not only carry seemingly endless amounts of generational trauma from my blood line, but would suffer a few more injuries in the coming decade. I have also done multiple healings on my right foot previous to this experience, so the layers have already been peeled back, so to say.

I was taken back in the quantum field to the age of 8, where after church one Sunday I was hanging out with my grandparents and trying to pretend I could sew professionally like my grandma, by sewing random threads into pieces of scrap fabric while she made a quilt. Eventually my grandparents went to take an afternoon nap, and because I had been doing this for years my grandma didn’t make me put everything away while I was unsupervised. Eventually I had a needle in my lap and forgot, so when I stood up it fell into the carpet. Soon after that the needle went straight up into the middle of my right foot and broke in half inside. I didn’t feel it go in but I felt something weird inside my foot, and when I looked there was just 1 tiny spot of blood letting me know I for sure stepped on it. My grandparents searched the carpet and never found the missing needle.

I don’t remember much after the realization of what had just happened, but I insisted it was in my foot and my family really did not believe it was. I mean what are the odds of that happening? But then again I was beyond accident prone as a child. I feel like I waited 10-12 hours to go to the hospital, but my mom remembers it being about 4. I remember by the time I left grandma’s house I couldn’t walk on my right foot anymore. And I was panicking for hours because I was not being heard when I told them exactly what happened. Once we got to the hospital an x-ray showed the needle deep inside my foot, in 2 pieces. I had immediate surgery to remove it, and for the rest of my life would have a cross shaped scar in the exact middle of my bottom right foot.

So here I am in my present day living room, staring at the spilled sewing kit on my floor, wondering if I had just stepped on a sewing needle for the 2nd time in my life. Anxiety set in immediately. There was no indication of stepping on anything, and I soon confirmed I had found the only sewing needle that could have been on the floor. Still, my body was hard at work releasing all of this stored up energy – and boy was it strong! Within the next 30 minutes or so my right foot had actually starting turning red and swelling in one small spot. I felt completely overwhelmed with energy releasing. The more I processed the energy the more I was sure I was going to faint, so I layed down for about another 20 minutes and just focused on breathing and releasing the old energy and traumas. After that I was totally fine, I just felt exhausted, but strangely so much lighter. The red spot stayed on my foot until I went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with a dull, constant pain in my stomach aka solar plexus chakra. I have learned through experience that we process energy through our 3rd chakra, and when it’s too much at once we can feel overworked in the form of an upset stomach, bloating or other bowel and abdomen inconsistencies. So I immediately had another confirmation of the immense release of energy the night before, through the exhaustion I felt in my stomach. The pain continued throughout the day affecting my eating habits and range of motion until I finally took some pepto bismol for the discomfort. This was truly the most intense releasing of trauma and processing of energy I have ever felt in my body but I know it was an important step in my healing and my awakening.

One thing I have noticed since then is I am no longer sensitive to seeing blood, something that has plagued me my entire life. I had 2 experiences since this activation where I witnessed a large amount of blood leaving someone’s body and I was not even slightly triggered by it physically. Is it possible that this early childhood trauma could have triggered an anxiety that would set in any time I saw blood? It is mind blowing to think that they could be related. I’m not the only one in my family who passes out if they see blood so I never thought it could be linked together.

Regardless, this was not an experience that is for someone who is unprepared for it. Although it was an intense release of energy what is important is that I let it happen naturally and flow through me. I made a conscious choice to stay calm and logical rather than react in a way that created more trauma, and this helped me to move through what was happening an allow the healing to take place. I am thankful I was able to benefit from it and continue my personal growth because I know I would not have been ready for this type of experience any sooner than it happened.

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