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Psychic Attacks

Something that I learned firsthand in my life is that there will always be some sort of spiritual or energetic opposition to a person raising their frequency. I went from cleansing my space and spiritually protecting myself once a month to it currently being necessary several times per day. One of my favorite teachers, Elizabeth April, likes to say “The brighter your light, the darker your shadow.” And this couldn’t be more true. However you want to look at it, from a spiritual or religious standpoint, there are dark forces or negative energies that are drawn to, or threatened, by an increase of light or connection to Spirit. It’s like moths to a flame – your increase in light attracts darkness both consciously and unconsciously.

Looking back, I frequently attended a Christian church with my family as a child on Sundays. Church was not actually a big part of my life until I was about 12 years old and looking for purpose. I was invited into a local church with a really great youth program where all of our friends were always welcome. Although I was not ready to fully change my life into one that was aligned with the church, I enjoyed the community and learning answers to my deepest questions. Over the course of about 2 years I did become much more aligned with religion and spent many days with the youth group.

Then when I was 14 my family moved to a house that would change the course of my life. It started with little things like my cat would lay on top of me all night, never sleeping, as if she was protecting me. The weird door that went to the side yard (because my room was originally the garage) flew open one night while I was sleeping. When I got up to close it, the door knob was locked…proving it had been locked when it was swung open. I also woke up one night to my bed shaking vigorously, with my cat on top of me, but nothing else was moving in the room.

Soon after these events, I started sensing an extremely negative energy in the corner of my room. The spine tingling sensation of someone watching my every move from that corner was so intense that I stopped getting dressed in my room. It didn’t take long before I stopped sleeping in there as well. I remember this going on for weeks with me getting less and less sleep. The mental anguish was brutal because no one else in my family believed in anything energetic or supernatural. I honestly felt like I was going crazy. I broke down crying one night at youth group and they tried to help by talking me through it. The advice I was given was that when you move closer to God, dark forces will try to scare you, distract you and keep you from finding your light.

After learning this information, my best friend and I decided to use her mom’s Holy Oil to cleanse the house after school one day. This was basically pre-internet, so we just instinctively tried to clear the house of any entities and made crosses above the doors with the oil. The house did feel lighter, but unfortunately it did not work to remove whatever was in my room. I sat on the couch and cried for hours, convinced I was screwed at this point and would need to go stay with my grandparents. When my dad came home that night, after listening to me ugly cry about all of this, he went into my room and shut the door. I could hear him talking but I never knew what he actually said. After that day, the negative energy was gone and I never once felt it again in that room or that house. I did end up leaving the church and fell into a lower vibration for about a decade after this. I learned recently that my dad had asked whoever or whatever was in my room to leave, stop scaring me and move on.

I’m not sure if it was the success of keeping me from finding my full embodiment of light that kept me shielded for all of those years, but when I moved out around the age of 19 the strange encounters started happening in my parent’s house again; But this time it would happen to my remaining family members. Recollections would describe feeling a cold hand on the back of someone’s neck, hearing a voice whisper “I’m here”, a knotting feeling in the stomach and bad dreams in the room that was once mine. A few years ago I created an energetic grid in the home using selenite towers and introduced frequent smudging. The good energy was instantly amplified and there have not been any more incidents of the same nature.

I did however learn recently that we can very easily create energetic portals in our homes. The easiest way to do this is to have an outburst of uncontrolled emotions. It occurred to me that this was entirely possible in my parent’s home, especially during my teenage years, so I created a crystal grid in my old room. I intended this grid to be for abundance of health, wealth and happiness – this way if there is any possibility of a portal, it will amplify those positive intentions, in turn reversing the energy of the portal from negative to positive. I also did a multidimensional energy clearing just to be safe.

Although I have considered this part of my past to be the worst part of my entire life, I am now realizing how much it is helping me today. It showed me that there is real energetic opposition in this dualistic world we are living in. You cannot have dark without light. Light attracts the dark. For some people who have a bigger purpose in bringing light to this world, the opposition we feel will be stronger than others. I believe we already live in a world where distractions are used to keep us from our highest paths; Once you actually start following your path, the opposition only gets stronger. The beautiful thing is that protecting our energy is easy, and one simple intention can overpower a large amount of this opposition.

This is where many of us will start to feel the effects of a psychic attack. This can result in feeling tired, anxious, dizzy, moody, depressed, seeing strange behavior in loved ones or having nightmares. You can become a target of these attacks by breaking away from the matrix, following your soul’s purpose, expanding your light or connection to God/Spirit/consciousness, and especially when engaging in energy work, divination, astral travel or meditation. If you are doing any of the above things you should be clearing and protecting your own energy daily – I do this in the morning, again if I leave the house or travel anywhere, and again if I do any meditation or healing….and still again before I go to bed if I feel like I need it. It’s important to clear and protect your home daily as well. I cleanse the energy and put up a bubble of protection. If I am doing more spiritual work that day I will also use a cloak of invisibility.

My personal favorite way to start my day is with taking a shower and envisioning rainbow light showering over me - cleansing anything that no longer serves me (this is amazing at night, too!). A 5 minute meditation will also go a long way for helping you maintain your vibration throughout your day. I typically envision a switch turning on and off purple fire that cleanses my energy and transmutes anything that doesn’t belong. Then, after doing any of the above, I use my breathe to create a bubble of white light all around me, then cover the outside of that bubble with spikes that will block anything trying to penetrate your bubble. I do the same thing when I get in my car before traveling – I cleanse the car and envision a huge bubble covered with spikes protecting it. You can do the same thing with your home, people or any places where you are spending your time.

Another example of energetic opposition is that I recently started taking Algebra in college, after failing it miserably in junior high. Ever since I started the class 10 weeks ago I have experienced an increase in psychic attacks, also helping me to realize this was happening to me when I originally took it at age 13/14. Back them everything in my life was going wrong, and I fell victim to these psychic attacks. But today I am stronger and determined to succeed at math. After all, I am a Numerologist at a soul level – it would only make sense that some dark force wouldn’t want me to step into my full power around numbers. This has manifested in literally everything going wrong that could go wrong on my math class days, from fatigue to emotions surfacing to endless distractions outside interrupting my quiet space. It’s like not only am I releasing so many emotions around the breaking of an old pattern, I am experiencing many things that would make it oh so easy for me to just give up.

My biggest confirmation of these attacks were when I fell asleep one day after my algebra class on the couch. For some reason I was exhausted! I was having a weird dream about my friend, but my friend wasn’t acting like herself. When I consciously tried to see why in the dream, an energy came forth that was using her image as a cover and began physically holding me down. I realized I was in a dream and that I could not move or wake up. Although I didn’t consciously know what to do, I instinctively gathered all of my energy into a red ball and blasted the entity off of me. I was then able to wake up, put myself in an invisibility cloak, and went back to sleep with no issues. Ever since then I am making it a priority to increase my energetic protection each day, and put up an invisibility cloak on the days I am working on math.

It’s also important to recognize when you are being psychically attacked in your dreams. Scenarios that just seem odd can actually be more intended at bringing you anxiety or even feeding off of your energy. If you experience any of these symptoms I highly suggest trying some of these options to see if it helps. Often times we don’t even realize what is actually happening until we feel exhausted because of it. If it’s been a while since you cleared your space or you are feeling an extra heaviness, sage and palo santo are great tools to start you off. You can make a crystal grid – big or small doesn’t matter as long as your intention is strong and clear. Whatever your preference for cleansing, do it often, and don’t forget how powerful you truly are.

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